more time for living

the snapper story


We’ve been at this outdoor power equipment thing for more than 70 years. In that time we’ve evolved our products to meet the needs of a wide range of customers from first-time home buyers to seasoned landscape professionals. From our original product, the industry’s first self-propelled rotary lawn mower, to our new range of products including a full line of lithium-ion battery-powered lifestyle products, it’s all done to help you accomplish your work effortlessly and efficiently. Our North American customers have been able to count on our legacy of quality and reliability since 1951 and now so can Australia.

In Australia we are all about getting the job done easy, our 18 volt range of cordless lifestyle products are easy to buy, easy to use, easy to store and easy to maintain. Getting it done fast and hassle free, we help you focus on what matters most, giving you more time for living.

Powered by briggs & stratton

The Snapper range is powered by the unique Briggs & Stratton® 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery technology. With over a 100 years proud history of powering products, Briggs & Stratton is the worlds largest producer of engines for outdoor power equipment and is one of the most trusted brands known for its innovation and quality.

The Briggs & Stratton® batteries are interchangeable between all Snapper products, giving you the convenience to grab which ever battery is charged and ready to go for use, from mowing the lawn to charging your speaker.